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Are you tired of writing to fit a mold? Have you received the rights back on previously traditionally published works? Do you have a dusty manuscript that can’t find a home? Then Take Me Away Books may be the place for you. We are a royalty paying ebook publisher that is actively seeking new clients.

We’re an independently aggressive ebook and Print on Demand company. We strive to provide good reading for those searching for a great book at a great price and to provide services for authors whose books don’t fit into a traditional, publishing niche. While we might be new, we’re growing strong and very determined to help our authors succeed.

I’ve been successfully writing, marketing, and publishing ebooks for years after the closing of traditionally published lines. I’m an Amazon bestseller and hope to share my knowledge and expertise to help others achieve their goals.

If you’re a reader, sit back and browse.

If you’re an author looking for a home for your “baby”, spend some time on the author page.

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