Lori Landis



Lori was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but lived most of her young life in Twin Branch, WV. At the age of 17 she joined the US Army Reserve, serving for several years.

Her diverse employment background includes having served in law enforcement for over 10 years. Currently, she has a Master of Science in Nursing Administration degree and works as a manager for a healthcare plan.

Lori has three grown sons who constantly make her laugh and bring her great joy with their families. She is married, has a cat and dog, and looks forward to more grandchildren.

Her interests include reading, music, traveling, enjoying time with family and friends. And of course, writing. LORI LANDIS


FBI Agent Connie Wong is all about the job. Her eidetic, or photographic, memory is a blessing and a curse. However, it is a boon as The Free States Militia is on the run. The Agency needs to find their new location as they plot their next major anti-governmental move. FBI Agent Jackson Archer, better known as Bullseye, is the wild card on the Special Investigations Team. The quiet, mysterious sniper doesn’t have a lot to say, but he makes up for it as a man of action. His plan of action is currently Connie, and she wants no part of a relationship with the handsome, sexy man who insists on invading her life. With the head of the militia and a mole within the FBI wanting revenge against Mac and his team, a series of events will change the course of their entire investigation and their lives. Connie has the courage, but will she be in time to shield her team members from certain death? AMAZON


Police Officer Quinn McBride is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after her partner is killed in front of her by a group of men from the Free States Militia. Her best friend blames Quinn for her husband’s death, and her once orderly world has come tumbling down.

FBI Agent Mac Dresden has spent the past two years colliding with Quinn McBride. She has a unique knack for honing in on his cases. The only way to control her is to include her in his Special Investigations Group (SIG) task force.

With the head of the militia wanting revenge against Quinn, Mac and his team travel to remote New Hampshire to defend the one woman who can help bring in the leader, and who has somehow wormed her way into Mac’s heart.

What they don’t know is that someone else wants revenge, and they are closer to home than the SIG team knows. AMAZON



Homicide Investigator, Sergeant Amelia Hall, has been playing a cat and mouse game with serial killer Tom Willis. Willis murdered her sister, many other women, and tried to kill her. As they finally face each other for a final stand they are transported back in time to 1836 during the battle of the Alamo.

Jeremy Saunders, Texas Ranger, finds himself in the heat of battle at the Alamo as he meets Amelia Hall who pretends to be a nun. They make their way eastward to warn of Santa Anna’s defeat of the Alamo, while hunted by Willis.

In a series of events, both harrowing and comical, Amelia and Jeremy find themselves thrust into a search for Willis and into each others arms. Even as they fight their attraction, they begin to understand what is truly important in life. The question is: Are they running out of time?

Is it all a mad dream or a reality they never knew they wanted? Only time will tell… AMAZON