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Lydia Joy Nickerson is a Colorado Author. She lives with her boyfriend and her cat Belle.

You can follow her on Facebook under Lydia Joy Nickerson. Twitter: @LJoywriter. And look for her website: On her website, she has excerpts from upcoming books, release dates, and links to her current published books, sites, and everything else.

You can also email her at


You think that you know your world? Well you don’t. I happen to be one of the few that do. My name is Rose Marie Lupei, and I am a morph. I was cursed by an unnamed witch and her vampire master to walk this world eternally. Most people go mad when these things happen to them. I am no different. I have attempted to kill myself, only to find that I am immortal. I have been crucified by “helpful” humans that wanted to remove the “demons” from my “damned soul”.

However, that is not the kicker to this story. You want to know the kicker? I have been keeping your sorry behinds safe from the real demons of the night. You’re welcome.

There is one problem. You know how the Mayans had that calendar that ends on December 21 2012? On December 21st, the Chonchons are going to destroy us all. Don’t worry, I’m here to save you. Me against a couple thousand vampires. You’re welcome. AMAZON


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