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New series from award-winning author.
When Mollie McLaughlin obtained her chauffeur’s license at the Department of Motor Vehicles, she had no idea what the day would bring. As part of her duties at the Northeast Georgia Banner newspaper, Mollie was tasked to drive celebrities to the owner’s office for interviews. Her boss, lovingly called the Curmudgeon, was testing her mettle before giving her reporting assignments. Mollie was prepared for irascible clients, but she wasn’t expecting murder or that her twin would be her partner in solving the crime. AMAZON


The Anderson household is once more embroiled in a mystery when a guest in Finn’s apartment is found dead of a rare poison not found in the U.S. Finn and Mollie’s wedding plans are put on hold until Finn is cleared as a person of interest in the investigation.

Meanwhile Mollie discovers more about her past and a long lost relative enters her life. Finn is temporarily cleared of wrong doing. Phyl and her team resume their plans for the event of the year. All is well until it’s not.

Chief Hardin receives orders to arrest Finn on their wedding day. Mollie’s honeymoon (minus her groom) becomes a quest to clear Finn with evidence she can only retrieve in Cuba. AMAZON



It’s been six months since Mollie McLachlan solved Rosie Adams’ murder. Her best friend, Callie, convinces Mollie that she needs a hobby. When Mollie finds Dr. Winters’, the instructor for the hand bell class, dead she is once again a person of interest. Meanwhile her father makes contact after a twenty year absence and she discovers a half-sister that she didn’t know she had. AMAZON



Murder at Golden PalmsWhen the Langford’s pet dies, the members of the Thursday Club investigate. One of Suzy’s ex-husbands, a coroner, determines that the cat was poisoned by ricin from the Castor plant. A suspicious fire engulfs a wing of Golden Palms and destroys evidence. When Hattie is taken ill, the CRASH group pulls out all the stops to find the killer. AMAZON


A cruise seemed a perfect antidote for Clara’s recuperation from her close call at Golden Palms. Tom is off to New York to finalize his memoir book deal. Ten days at sea is just what the doctor ordered. What could go wrong? Only everything. When a shipmate is threatened, then falls and hits his head and dies, the Thursday Club pool their resources to unmask a killer and much more. AMAZON


The Thursday Club ladies check into the Monastery of Good Faith for a much needed retreat. Instead of making stained glass treasures or cultivating bonsai, Clara, Roxy, Amy, Suzy, and Hattie find themselves in a sinister plot where monks continue to sicken and die. Think Golden Girls meet Ms. Marple with a swirl of Murder She Wrote. Where they venture, nothing remains the same. AMAZON


Smuggling black coral, poison victims at the monastery, and funerals for critters can’t keep the Thursday Club down for long. They are off to Vegas baby where what happens there stays there – or does it? Hattie’s niece and nephew orchestrate a bridal shower which turns out to feature not one but two deaths. Are they murders? Only time and the Thursday Club will sort that out. AMAZON


Roxy agrees to direct the community production of Arsenic & Old Lace. Auditions were enough of a nightmare when a very dead man appears in the window seat. The entire cast barely recovers from this shock when Hattie is taken in for questioning. Surprise family members are revealed and the play on stage mirrors real life. Throw in a wine tasting gone awry and a visiting chimpanzee and you have a recipe for hilarity and murder. AMAZON


All Tom and Roxy Thibideaux want for Christmas is a little peace and quiet. But that goes out the window when Amy, Clara, Howard, and Hattie arrive in New Orleans. Not to be outdone, Suzy and Tony arrive in town just in time for the rounds to the best cuisine of the city.

Instead of their Christmas wish, they get a helping of organized crime, a kidnapping, a dead Father Christmas in the hotel lobby, and a last minute wedding served up in the most romantic city in the world. Who expected anything else from the Thursday Club girls? AMAZON


With the holidays and wedding celebrations ended, you would assume that the Thursday Club would settle nicely into the new year. But you would be wrong! Howard Saunders, Hattie’s new husband, buys a former bed and breakfast to renovate for his new bride. Contractors discover a body under the flooring. Other corpses appear and the adventure begins. Who are these victims? When and how did this happen? And what are Howard and Hattie to do? Roxy and the Thursday Club step in to solve the mystery of the boneyard. Meanwhile the community determines to turn this heinous crime into something beneficial. AMAZON


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