William Melton


A Korean War and Vietnam Veteran, William now enjoys retirement in his home state of Arkansas.


This is a true story of my experience as a young soldier in the Korean War. That is where I faced some of the most horrifying things that I long to forget, but know I never will. I wrote this book with great emotion. After you read this book, I hope some of you will have a better understanding of what our young men and women face in a war. Do not be hasty to judge them, for some carry deep scars inside that will never heal. The price of freedom is death for many of our soldiers, so please, let us not take our freedom for granted.

Written as if the reader were sitting across the table from William Melton and him telling his story as if the two of them were in a deep conversation, this is a book that will resonate with the reader long after it has been read – Author Cynthia Hickey AMAZON


Joshua McClure is a young Irish boy from the windswept coast of Northern Ireland who finds himself alone at the tender age of fourteen. His father was a sailor who had gone off to sea two years earlier, never to return. Joshua’s mother, having lost the will to live after believing her husband dead, takes sick and never recovers.
Not believing his father is dead, Joshua begins a journey that takes him to the wild and unexplored North American continent. With an old trapper as his guide, a tall lean sailor who was first mate on the ship that brings him to the new land, and two large dogs, Joshua ventures far into the wilderness of a savage untamed land where few white men have ever gone. They befriend a Cherokee warrior, by the name of Gray Wolf, who gives Joshua the Indian name of Fire Hair.
Struck by a lightening bolt that should have killed him, Joshua wakes up from a comma to find he is able to see visions of things to come. Joshua believes all men should live in peace. He discovers that in order to survive in the wild land, a man must kill to stay alive. Joshua grows to manhood living and fighting among the Indian tribes. He soon becomes a legend among the Indians, who know him as the Fire Haired Warrior who receives wisdom from the Great Spirit and is able to see into the future. AMAZON


Joshua McClure is back in the sequel to Fire-Haired Warrior. Now, he’s buried a friend found his father, and fallen in love. The legend surrounding Joshua and his ability to see visions grows, inspiring awe in the hearts of many.
Accompanied by his Indian brother and the loyal Airdales, Joshua travels across the country to find his love, Morning Dove. But before he can reunite with his heart’s desire, he must find his father, the man who lost him so many moons ago.
Joshua’s reunion of blood and love increases the legends told about him around Indian campfires as one adventure after another leads him to the place he can call home. AMAZON


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