Romantic Suspense



Not even a beautiful woman can save Richard Tanner from his past.

Portrait of Jenny 2Following an explosive—and public—argument with his ex-girlfriend, artist Richard Tanner, gripped by a powerful migraine, races into a rainstorm. He wanders to the gazebo in University Park, where he meets the beautiful and mysterious Jenny—a brief encounter that leaves an indelible impression on his mind—and in his paintings.
When Detective Jack Hargrave accuses Richard of the brutal assault on his ex, he finds himself confronting demons of a past he doesn’t remember. A time when little Richie Tanner walked into University Park whole, was beaten and left to die…a time that may hold the key to his future.

WARNING: Mild cussing and sexual situations AMAZON






Cynthia Hickey




Lori Landis


Eenie Meenie        jack be nimble          Hickory Dickory

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